How to write a fool-proof wedding day run sheet


Getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life.

There’s the proposal, the engagement party, the dress shopping, the wedding planning. Suddenly your life becomes a whirlwind of decisions and things to do that are loads of fun, but also totally exhausting!

When it comes to getting organised, a run sheet is one of the must-have items for your wedding day. Also known as a running order or an event order - a wedding day runsheet is a document that helps everyone know how you want your big day to play out. It starts from the moment you first wake up and ends with your guests leaving the venue at the end of the night.

I’ve caught up with Yvette Sitters, founder of Manage My Wedding, to get her tips on writing a fool-proof and fun wedding day run sheet.

Yvette, where would you start when writing a wedding day run sheet?

“A wedding day run sheet needs to be a mix of relaxing but also keeping to time. There’s nothing worse than a bride running late and keeping the guests sweating that she may not be arriving. Sticking to time is very important so it’s a great idea to have a mini agenda typed up for the gals and the guys.”

-        First, check times with your photographer. Ask them what time they will arrive and if you need to be completely ready or only ‘half ready’ for photos.

-        The second vendor to consult is your hair and make-up artist. They need to advise how much time they’ll require for each bridal party member.

-        From this point, work backwards and advise the bridal party what time they need to arrive by in the morning.

What and who should be included on a wedding day run sheet?

“If you want to be extremely detailed, you can include things such as:

-        Arrival of flowers

-        Lunch served

-        Boys must be ready

You might even choose to mention both parents and their arrival time; and give them a copy of the agenda. A wedding can be a very emotional day for your parents and this helps them feel needed, included and loved.” 

Why is a wedding day run sheet so important?

“It’s simple. If there is no run sheet, the lead-up and the day itself will feel stressful for everyone. If important people haven’t been communicated with, they will be asking the bride for details all day long- and there goes your relaxing stress-free experience.”

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you might consider:

-        Adding details of your suppliers/vendors and how they can be contacted

-        Appointing someone whom you trust to take care of the the agenda and contact numbers. They can do the chasing and following up on the day and the bride and groom will be blissfully unaware of any issues that may arise.


How can you ensure everything runs smoothly on the day?

“To ensure everything runs to plan, it’s a very good idea to contact all your suppliers the week of the wedding to re-confirm details.

Go over all your agreements with a fine tooth comb, even if you think you have already done so in the past. Sometimes conversations aren’t recorded and come time for your wedding, small but important things can get missed.”

Which tools do you recommend for writing a wedding day run sheet?

“With our hectic schedules it’s not surprising we often feel like we struggle to remember everything. The Manage My Wedding app for example will help you stay organised, keep you on track and ensure you feel supported at all stages of your wedding planning.

Your run sheet is extremely important, but so are the days leading up to the wedding day and especially the day prior. You can refer to the app and use the suggested timeline templates or create your own. Manage My Wedding is free to download in the App Store.”

Remember your wedding is a time of celebrating the love between you and your partner. Embrace the planning and enjoy it! Get in touch if you’re getting married soon and would like me to help you create the perfect day!

Jo Hurley