What does your wedding celebrant actually do?

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

More than likely, this is the first and only time you’ll ever plan your own wedding. And, let’s face it - it’s not every day you have to shop around for a wedding celebrant!

Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to start getting to know the best celebrants in your area. But, once you’ve made a little shortlist of your favourite people, what next?

The first rule of thumb is to really focus on choosing a celebrant you trust. When meeting for the first time, listen to your ‘gut’ feeling. If you instantly click and it feels just right, don’t hesitate. Book it in!

Knowing what questions to ask a celebrant is not easy if you’ve never booked one before. Especially if you don’t know what to expect from an amazing celebrant vs. one that’s average.

To help make your first ‘celebrant interview’ a little easier, I’d love to share what I do as your celebrant, what you can expect, plus all the extra little touches that might just surprise you!

1.     Getting to know you

Right from the start, it’s straightforward to find me online and I’m easy to talk to. My website, social media, client reviews, videos and images will give you a genuine feel for my look, personality and style.

Once we connect though, it’s all about you. A great celebrant will spend most of their time asking questions about you rather than talking about themselves.

I’m genuinely interested in your story. I’ll put a real effort into getting to know your personalities, common interests and what makes you unique. I’ll then use that information to create a really personal ceremony, which reflects who you are and what you love about each other.


2.     Locking in your date

 Your wedding is my number one priority, which is why I only book one ceremony a day.

I’m respectful of individual budgets, upfront with my pricing, and if I’m not available on your chosen day, I’ll happily refer you to one of my trusted celebrant friends.

3.     Working behind the scenes

I’m part of your wedding tribe and will stay really engaged with you in the lead-up to your wedding. You can expect ongoing advice and assistance all the way up to your big day… and beyond.

From the moment we meet, I note all your wedding wishes in your personal client record. Armed with all of this juicy content, I write your ideal wedding ceremony, prepare your vow cards and get all the legal stuff done without fuss.

I will also connect with all relevant vendors to plan out every aspect of the ceremony, ensuring we are working as a team to deliver a flawless experience.

4.     Personal vows that will make you laugh and cry

You could be a natural at sharing your emotions and feelings, or the most anti-PDA person on the planet. Either way, speaking in front of a crowd, and expressing your love, can be more than just a little intimidating.

I will help you write amazing personal wedding vows, using your own words, and prepare you to confidently share them on your wedding day.

5.     The secret sauce to a flawless wedding day

I’m not just going to rock up on the day, declare you husband and wife and disappear out the back door. 

On your wedding day, I’ll be getting ‘wedding-ready’ just like everyone else in your official bridal party.  Hair, make-up, heels and some sparkle. You even get to choose my outfit.

I’ll travel to your venue, leaving plenty of time to check in with the wedding team (venue, music, photography and video). I’ll set up my personal Mipro Professional PA system, prepare the signing table, perform a sound check, test digital signing, check play lists and most importantly, greet your wedding guests and keep the groom happy and calm. Phew!

After your ceremony (which usually takes about half an hour), I’ll stick around to help coordinate group photos, chat to your guests and make sure I see you off to your reception smiling, happy and ready to party the night away.

6.     Relationship status: married!

Your wedding celebrant is the one who actually gets you hitched for life - and it’s a big responsibility. Earning the right to legally marry couples in Australia is not a five minute online form, like Joey’s on Friends! I have a Certificate IV in Celebrancy; and it took me nearly two years to earn my ‘licence to wed’. My ongoing training comes care of my awesome celebrant tribe The Celebrant Society.

I look after all the legal stuff so you don’t have to. Everything I do is digital, easy and fun. You still get to sign your Marriage Certificate for photos and keepsake, and the rest you can leave to me.

Post-wedding, I register your marriage online with the relevant State Department of Births Deaths and Marriages. I’ll also pre-order your Marriage Certificate to make changing your name super easy.


7.     Ready to take the leap?

Choosing a wedding celebrant is an extremely personal decision. I am the first person your family and friends will meet on your wedding day, and I’ll be the one standing right up there with you at the arbour, sharing one of the most intimate, emotional and exciting times of your life.

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’d absolutely love to be your celebrant. If I’m giving you all the right feels and you’d like to get in touch, let’s chat!

Jo Hurley